Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why Trusteeship? What Are You Aiming For?

I am intent on becoming the next Ward C Trustee for the Edmonton Public School Board. This role, in this Ward and all it entails, is my aim and is my purpose.

It is hard to describe how remarkable it feels to be able to articulate that particular sentence, out loud, in public. It comes from a great deal of soul-searching, list-making and more conversations with parents, teachers, administrators, business leaders and community members than I care to, or am even able to, remember.

I am intent because I believe in living my life on purpose. I know who I am, and what I have to offer.   I look forward to listening---really LISTENING--- to the people who are as passionate about public education as I am.  Practical, real-world experience driven by intention and purpose – that is what I hear parents and community members yearning for; I aim to give it to them.  I am intent upon action.  I aim to act upon what I hear, with integrity and purpose.  I hope you do too:  October 21st is rapidly approaching and I hope you vote with purpose.

I chose Trusteeship because the role deserves the best possible candidates to manage, lead, govern and inspire.

I chose Trusteeship because I am passionate about public education. The outcomes are important to me as a parent with a student in a public school in Ward C. Perhaps more importantly I am passionate about the role of TRUST from people like you.  The role deserves the best possible candidates to manage, lead, govern and inspire because from this role leadership is given to a vital process that develops our greatest asset:  our children.  I have heard from various people and groups that they want a process that delivers and executes the outcomes that they expect. Like open schools in mature neighbourhoods and communities, intelligent infrastructure planning, sustainable income and expense streams, and responsive representation – that is what I hear parents and community members yearning for; I aim to give it to them.

I chose trusteeship because I am capable of serving the public interest. The opportunity to be an advocate for the students, and their families, the service providers that support them and their communities at large is an exciting one for me. I am an outspoken advocate.  I ask the hard questions, and work to be part of the solution to them.  I also believe in relationships, and that there is no way to be a trustee without honouring the people for whom you serve.

Honour begins with clarity of purpose within one’s self.  To that end, I recently created a training session for a group of leaders.  In the pre-formative interview process with those leaders they were asked to define their philosophy of life in a short statement called a ‘Bumper Sticker’ philosophy. My Bumper Sticker reads ‘You get what you expect, and accept’.

I expect insight and input from people like you.  I expect to listen and act upon what I hear.  I expect to advocate, tirelessly at times, for the interests of our children, and the education system in which they learn.  I accept the clarity I receive from the people in Ward C: what you are prepared to accept as well as what you are not.  I look forward to a rich term as trustee, honouring your hopes, dreams and expectations of public education in Edmonton.