Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Endorsement

I am humbled and grateful to post the most recent endorsement I received which is from Christopher Spencer, our current Ward C Trustee. He has been extremely patient having me as a parent in his Ward for the last 3-year term! I intend on building upon the legacy of integrity, authenticity, and leadership that he has begun.

"During my time on the school board, no parent in west-central Edmonton has been more involved in matters of education policy than Susan Ketteringham. She is smart, kind, enthusiastic and moderate – someone who considers an issue on its own merits, with an open mind, eager to do what’s best for children, families and the community. On Oct. 21st, Susan will have my vote."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Who Am I?

I am so blessed that as I venture from door-to-door (and my name is beginning to be associated with Ward C) that residents and families and community members are approaching me. I have this awesome visual in my mind of this phenomenal network I am creating so that come October 22nd, 2013 we can begin the work in earnest.

I did not fully appreciate how many people, and organizations, and groups would want to have my thoughts and perspectives on issues relating to education. It seems like there is always a survey waiting to be completed and I quite enjoy the process of articulating my thoughts "out loud" with careful consideration. My style will always be better suited to face-to-face conversations and taking the time to contemplate, and understand, and digest where Ward C residents are coming from is such worthwhile time.

Today two things happened almost simultaneously - receiving an email from an engaged Ward C voter and submitting my profile for the website. I decided to share my answers for the profile questions here on my blog in advance of them being posted on the ATA website. I do this because I want people to knowingly vote for me - make the choice based on a clear understanding of who I am, and what I stand for. That clarity is going to serve all of us for my four year term as Ward C Trustee. Thank you to the ATA for creating a distributing this survey!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Awesome Initiative

My phenomenal group of supporters came up with a fantastic idea to generate some revenue for my Campaign for Ward C Trustee - an Online Silent Auction. People are able to view and bid at their convenience and like the "7 Habits" my youngest in learning in Elementary School - it is a real 'win-win'. It allows me to reach more voters with my message and continue to have the extraordinary door-to-door conversations about public education in Edmonton. It also affords people the opportunity to bid on items and experiences they would find value in.

Of course there is also a 'donate' button in case anyone wants to contribute financially without participating in the online bidding.

I hope you enjoy the items posted so far, and we will be sure to communicate when new items are identified.

I encourage you to share the link so that everyone in your 'world' can enjoy!

Here is the link: