Friday, July 26, 2013


I continue to be humbled by the encouragement I receive from people within Ward C about my candidacy for Trustee. I felt compelled to share some of them!

From Barb Nason – EPSB Parent

Whether Susan is in her role as Parent Council Chair, School Board Employee, community member or a parent her calm professional demeanour and positive attitude contribute to her ability to be a leader and a role model.  She has dedicated many years to bringing people together and getting them to engage in dialogue and action to provide students of Edmonton Public Schools with a meaningful educational experience.

From Lisa Blue – Human Resource Development, Alberta Hotel & Lodging Association

Susan has been a long time friend and colleague of mine who I believe will bring a sensitive, articulate, and intelligent voice to our city. She is willing to be a prominent voice in our community affairs and I believe she has the strength to stand up to the special interests within our diverse district and she also understands the challenges and has the experience and skill to make positive changes.  

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