Monday, August 5, 2013

New School Year Set Up

It seems quite foreign to me that I will not be involved this year in getting the School Council and Fundraising Society at my son’s elementary school set up. This is because for the first time since he started school I will not assume a formal role with either group as I intend on having the role of Ward C EPSB Trustee.

I have a great deal of admiration for the parents and community members who step forward to contribute positively to the education experience of students in the public system. Quite frankly, I had very little understanding of how many hours are selflessly dedicated by volunteers whether it is reading with children, working in the supply room, engaging with student field trips or assisting teaching staff and administration in general.

In addition to monthly meeting preparation and execution, high performing School Council and Fundraising Society teams across the system will spend the month of September …

  • setting up teacher work request systems
  • exploring and implementing fund-raising strategies
  • creating 'Consent to Contact' distribution lists
  • engaging on social media streams 
  • recruiting new membership
  • organizing Casino’s
  • establishing reading schedules with students
  • arranging Annual General Meetings
  • setting up a hot lunch program
  • establishing Kid’s Pantry’s and;
  • generally engaging and communicating with the larger parent group

And then October comes!

They may also be advocating for larger scale initiatives and programs for their school; including driving enrolment, by-law updates and governance, results review and viable space utilization amongst other priorities. This is in addition to managing their already busy, full lives.

I encourage you to get engaged in even the smallest way; regardless of whether you have children attending Edmonton Public, or not. Last year one parent group I know of began utilizing the previously untapped resource of retired neighbours with great success. I guarantee that watching a grand-parent engage with students on a one-to-one basis will be the ultimate ‘win-win’.

I know some remarkable parent groups in Ward C and would love the opportunity to advocate for you as accurately as possible after the election on October 21st. Reach out today at or via cell at 587 988 5310 and share your concerns, hopes and dreams for the future of public education in Edmonton.


  1. It's an incredible effort to get everything off the ground for sure! I hope people take you up on your offer because you were able to make a huge difference in our little council and PAC!