Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Endorsements

It is an awesome, and humbling feeling when people express their excitement at my candidacy as the next Ward C Trustee.Thank you for the continued support!

From Joyce Sneddon – Teacher, Edmonton Public School Board
Susan Ketteringham is an amazing, strong leader who has the ability to bring her voice forward to create positive change for all stake holders. Having had the honour of watching her first hand in action working on the parent council at an Edmonton Public School, it was very apparent that Susan Ketteringham was a person who held education at the forefront and only wanted what was best for all students. Susan demonstrated that she is the type of leader who will work diligently for all stake holders and will always put students’ needs first and foremost. This is the exact type of leader Edmonton Public needs, a leader to instill change for the betterment of all stake holders.

From E. Joy Muller, Ph.D. – Yellowhead Youth Centre

I believe Susan will be a tremendous advocate for children and youth in the Public School Board. She has a demonstrated ability to challenge the status quo to achieve what she believes is right. She is ‘can do’ personified and insightful and experienced into the mechanics of business planning that looks toward the future. Her intimate experience as an Edmonton Public parent, Support Staff member, and Volunteer equip her with a solid baseline understanding of how the ‘system’ works. Her significant experience in the business world has equipped her to do ‘more with less’ and given her the mindset of always thinking ‘outside the box’; those character traits will serve the Ward C community very well in the coming four years.

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